Each DenVantage participating practice will set their own plan fees and their own savings (member benefits) for all services offered.

Plan fees: The total fee for a year's preventive care determines the patient's membership monthly fee. To set this fee, add up the cost of all services to be provided, factoring in x-rays such as panorex or FMX that are not done each year. The total divided by 12 is the monthly fee. DenVantage does, however, recommend discounting this fee slightly both as an incentive to the patient and to reflect the advantage to the practice of the patient committing to the DenVantage agreement.

Member Benefits, savings: Each practice will have a web page on the DenVantage site with a list of procedures and fee savings. Each procedure offered by the practice will have a member savings amount listed. This will be shown as a dollar amount, not a percentage. This allows separately determining a fee for each procedure and will not automatically change the savings amount if the normal fee changes. Members are only eligible for these benefits if they keep the DenVantage agreement to pay in advance and keep appointments or pay a rescheduling fee if they miss.